Friday, August 29, 2008

5 Keys To Starting A Successful Business

1. Plan- You must have a plan. Write down what all you will need. Do this every year. You need a budget for the amount you spend for your business. Do this once a week or every month. Write down your goals from day, week, and month. This is called short term goals. You need to write down your long term goals this would be 3 year and 5 year goals. If you on your business 5 mins a day you will get a lot done. Once you have successful do your daily goals you can just make you weekly goals. And so on. You must be willing to commit so many hours unbreakable commitment.

2. Faith- Believe in yourself. We “Hackney Home Investors LLC” made God our business partner. We consult with our business partner just like any other business partner with every decision we make. Have faith in your decision.

3. Courage- The decision to build businesses. Making decision for your business no matter if right or wrong and keep moving forward that takes all of courage. Don't giving up.

4. Confidence- Study your trade. You must invest in your education. The more you know what you are talking about the more confidence you have. But things change and you have to keep up with the changing time.

5. Profit- When you make money, does not mean you made a profit. You have to deduct what you have spent on your business. Then what is left that is a profit. Take that profit and reinvest back in your business. With, product, advertisings or education. Build you profit up and up.

Start your business today.